About Us: Letter From The Owner

Here at Shelby's She Shed we believe every woman deserves a special place to escape and find peace. The inspiration behind this brand began with a mother daughter conversation. As a child I could remember my mother just sitting in the bathroom to herself on many occasions. I never thought much of these moments until I got older and curiosity got the best of me that's when I asked her, "what were you doing in there?" In her response she simply replied "Everything and nothing." She went on to explain that raising two little ones she didn't always get a break or have her own place to go so in her master bathroom she created her own sanctuary. This was a place to think, pray, balance her check book and to hide all her breakable items. It wasn't much but it was enough to give her moments of peace when she really needed them. With her words in my heart I decided to start a brand named for her "Shelby." dedicated to all women in need of their own sanctuary. Rather its a she shed, woman cave, bedroom, or even a bathroom I hope this site helps inspire you to splurge on yourself and create a space and home just for you. Thank You for choosing us, Sincerely Candice (Owner, CEO)